How to Get eHarmony Free Trial

March 20, 2018|Posted in: Online-Dating

I have had several people email me and ask me the following question: How do I get an eHarmony free trial? Well, it’s very simple. Simply go the eHarmony Registration page and then take the Personality Questionnaire.

See picture down below for where to enter your details for the free trial:


This is a multi-part examination (multiple choice questions, no “right” or “wrong” answers) in which eHarmony asks you several questions about yourself. Try to answer the questions as honestly as possible. The reason being is because they then use this information to ascertain whom you are most compatible with (according to their research). eHarmony spends millions of dollars on compatibility and relationship research and incorporates their findings into the their matchmaking algorithm. This means you should not lie when you’re answering their questions. I will give you guys a tip….they will ask you the same question more than once, and they will word it in a different way than before. If you answer “yes” to the first one, and “no” to the second one, they will not you are being untruthful to them. It will take the average person around 15 minutes to complete the process. After you are done, they then show you a list of people whom you are most compatible with.

Another way to get the free trial is to wait for the free communication weekend. But these come around at very random times of the year. I know for a fact that they come right before Memorial Day and right before Labor Day as well as Thanksgiving and New Years. It’s probably because people tend to want to have a boyfriend/girlfriend at those times of the year. The process is surprisingly similar to above. Just be sure to follow the link that says “free communication weekend”. After you are done, they will then allow you to communicate freely with your matches for the remainder of the free com weekend. Once it is up, you can either walk away, or choose to sign up. That’s all there is to being able to communicate freely on eHarmony!

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